About Me

My name is Candi, and I am a photographer. You could really say since 5th grade, but seriously since high school. I even took a class on developing film, which is kind of equivalent to learning how to turn a crank to start your car, but if film makes I come back… I got it covered.

For the past 15 years, I have been photographing weddings, kids, families, parties, archaeological sites, artifacts, school photos, dogs, and well you get the point. My dream, however, was to figure out how to live at Disney and take pictures, combining my two favorite things. Here we have the beginning of Magical Pix.

With the support of my family, I am a wife and Mom of three, and amazing friends, I jumped in with both feet to make this dream a reality. Not one person told me I was crazy, not one person told me I couldn’t start a business in another city, I received nothing but love and encouragement and the result is I am living my dream. Each session is a reminder of that, and I try to make each session a unique, fun experience.

If you are looking for a stuffy photographer I am not your girl, if you can handle laughing a lot and doing some silly stuff… I am most definitely your person.